5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

It can be easy to neglect our carpets just because they “look” clean. But having clean carpet goes beyond just appearance, it can also affect the air quality in your home and the longevity of your carpet material. As dirt and bacteria accumulate longer in your carpet, it can take a toll on our everyday health. Keeping your carpet clean isn’t as much of a challenge as you think. Check out these five easy ways to maintain your carpet all year-round.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean Always

1. Use the proper cleaning products

One common mistake people make when it comes to cleaning their carpets is using the wrong products. We all have different types of carpet materials in our home and just because your mom is using a certain cleaner on her carpet, doesn’t mean you should be using the same. Avoid permanent damage by making sure what type of cleaner your specific carpet type calls for.

2. Spot clean

Make it a habit to spot clean immediately after spills or accidents. Cleaning spills as quickly as they happen will give you a better chance at removing stains. Although you cannot avoid when a spill is going to happen, you can prepare an emergency cleaning kit that you can keep handy. Here are a few cleaning items that you can keep in mind of having:
Club soda: Perfect for wine or beer stains.
Carpet stain remover or dishwasher detergent for stubborn stains.
Hydrogen peroxide for blood stains.
Use ice cubes to remove gum. It will simply freeze the gum making it easy to remove.

3. Vacuum weekly

Prevent excess dirt from accumulating by vacuuming at least 2-3 times a week depending on the foot traffic in your home. Maintaining your carpet this way will keep your carpet looking fresh, clean, and easier to clean every time. Take your time while vacuuming to ensure most dirt will get picked up.

4. Set house rules

By setting certain rules around your home you can minimize spillage and excess dirt and grime from entering your home. If you have teens in your home, make it a rule that no drinks are allowed in the living room or certain areas. It’s also a common house rule to remove shoes before entering the home to reduce dirty foot traffic.

5. Get them deep cleaned

Treat your carpets to professional cleaning services at least twice a year. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will help keep your carpets shape, color, and will elongate its material life. Call us at Dial Carpet Cleaning for affordable and high-quality services all year-round!