Ways to Practice Clean Carpet Habits

Ways to Practice Clean Carpet Habits

When it comes to carpet we all can relate to the pains of keeping nice and clean. We strive to keep our rugs and carpet as clean as they were when we first had them, nevertheless, this never seems to be the case. You may think it’s the way your cleaning or using the wrong cleaning products however maintaining your carpet has more to do with your overall clean carpet habits.

In general, we are more reactive when it comes to our carpet, for example, that wine you just spilled, we are usually quick to act to remove it as fast as possible. But what about the daily good carpet habits you can have? You’re in luck, there are several ways and practices that Dial Carpet recommends to keep your carpet looking like new!

Here are some ways to practice clean carpet habits

Get some good doormats for all the outside doors

Investing in some really good doormats can really help clean the bottom of your shoes before entering the house. From the moment we step outside, the bottom of our shoes are picking up tons of dirt and debris, we tend to not think about it because who looks at the bottom of their shoes? By having good durable doormats to wipe down your shoes before entering your home, can make a major difference in our carpets.

Remove your shoes

Who knows what type of dirt and debris are on the bottom of your shoes! If you can get in the habit of removing your shoes, that can make such a big difference in the cleanliness of your carpet. This altogether prevents you from tracking anything from the bottom of your shoes onto your carpet. It is a simple method, however, you have to remind yourself to continuously remove your shoes.

Vacuum twice weekly

Day to day dust and residue collects on the carpet and builds up over time. When we break out the vacuum cleaner and give our carpet a good vacuum twice a week, we are eliminating the buildup of dirt. Try, if you have the time, spacing your vacuuming days throughout the week. Before vacuuming your carpet, check the vacuum bag to make sure it’s not full and that your vacuum is in good working order. After a month of repeating this pattern, you’ll notice a significant difference in the appearance of your carpet.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

No matter how good we think we clean, we are no match to a professional carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners are trained and have the proper equipment to give your carpet a deep clean. Aim to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year for recommended maintenance of your carpet. With a professional clean, your carpet is treated to remove old stains, embedded dirt and can prevent mold from building up.

Some people will rent steam cleaners and do it themselves, however, if done improperly, can cause problems with your carpet such as exposure to mold or ruined carpets.