Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs of any kind can make a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of your home. But just like our carpets, they can become easily soiled with foot traffic and other accumulation of grime. At Dial Carpet Cleaning, our cleaning technicians strive to keep the longevity and shape of your area rugs like new. From blends of wool, silk, synthetic, and natural rugs, we have the proper professional equipment and knowledge to provide an effective cleaning solution. No matter what style or material your area rugs, we offer a custom deep clean according to your rug type and situation.

In addition, we also specialize in stain and spot removal using extensive cleaning solutions, techniques, and equipment. We understand that life happens! From wine and food stains to cosmetic and product stains, we are able to tackle each unique stain/spot no matter how tough they are to remove. Don’t stress, Dial Carpet Cleaning is here to help!

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Area Rug Cleaners

Restore Rug Color and Shape

With Dial Carpet Cleaning, we treat and your area rugs with the highest care possible. Our exclusive area rug treatments restore the color and shape of your area rug using the safest and gentle cleaning agents and methods. Unlike other area rug carpet cleaning businesses in Las Vegas, we avoid using harsh chemicals and rough scrubbing that can easily damage your area rug permanently. We strive to provide our residential and commercial clients with the best results possible for their area rugs. Our area rug experts are highly trained and certified to work on every type of material your area rug has. We thoroughly flush out deep contaminants that get accumulated with dirt, bacteria, and unwanted odors. Whether your area is high-end, vintage or even made out of the most delicate fabrics, we do it all! We are committed to providing first-class service with every visit and we strive to meet your carpet cleaning needs consistently.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

Whether your area rug has been stained with pet accidents, pesky odors that won’t go away, or worse, mold and mildew, Dial Carpet Cleaning is your number one source for the best area rug cleaning services in Las Vegas. Our area rug cleaning services provide a satisfaction guarantee and we can assure you that our professional techniques and area rug cleaning treatments will enhance the life, design, color, and shape of your area rug no matter what it takes.

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