Tile and Grout Cleaning

Extend the life of your tile and grout floors with the Dial Carpet Cleaning team of Las Vegas! We go beyond just carpet floors, we specialize in professional cleaning, maintenance, and restoring tile and grout with high-powered equipment and cleaning agents. From ceramic and porcelain, we are expert cleaners in any type of tile flooring you have in your home. Never worry about discolored, dull, and grubby tile floors ever again with our professional cleaning services.

Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

As an independent cleaning business in Las Vegas, we have been providing the entire Las Vegas valley with excellent tile and grout cleaning. We understand how time-consuming, costly, and back-breaking it is to keep tiles and grout clean– that’s where Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas comes in! With our industry-grade equipment, cleaning agents, and modern techniques and methods, we provide results that will bring the brightest clean in your tiles.

Whether your bathroom shower, backsplash, or kitchen floors need a little love, we transform your tile and grout to the best they can be! Especially in these areas, bacteria and grime build-up can be a breeding ground for harmful contaminants that could be detrimental to our health or living space we’re in. And sometimes no matter how much we sweep and scrub, it can still not be enough without a professional clean and seal.

Our tile and grout cleaning technicians are specialized in every type of tile stone and grout. Not only is it our number one goal to effectively clean them, but we strive to keep its color and longevity as good as new. From the pre-inspection to cleaning, rinsing, finishing, and polishing, our technicians will thoroughly do a final walk through with every cleaning visit.

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Tile & Grout Cleaning

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professionally cleaning and resealing your tile and grout in your commercial business is an investment worth every penny! At Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas, we go beyond just carpets, we also specialize in commercial tile and grout deep cleaning. Whether your floors are slate, porcelain, ceramic, marble, travertine, or other natural stone. Our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in every tile material to make sure you have the best-looking floors at your commercial business. When running a business, the last of your worries should be the dirtiness of your tile and grout! Let our technicians do the heavy lifting for you by getting your floors and/or backsplashes professional and sanitized for your employees and/or customers to enjoy.

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Tile Cleaning

Additionally, we also offer mildew or mold removal which can be a common issue in unattended tile and grout. Whether it be in your kitchen, bathroom, or even lobby areas, tile and grout can easily be soiled with heavy foot traffic, food, and other environmental factors. Give your tile and grout a pristine look every day with our Dial Carpet Cleaning professionals in Las Vegas!

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