Pet Stain Removal

At Dial Carpet Cleaning, we love our pets! We also understand that accidents happen all the time and that’s why we’re here! Pet urine in our carpet that isn’t given immediate attention can be a severe problem. Not only does it damage our floors, but it can take a harmful toll on our health even without simple treatment and sanitizing. With many years of industry experience, we take the stress off your hands and deal with this issue for you!

The team at Dial Carpet Cleaning knows exactly what it takes to get amazing results no matter what the situation you’re dealing with. Using the most powerful cleaning agents, techniques, and equipment we get extract and eliminate the most severe urine stains and odors. We even use a professional grade UV light during the pre-inspection process to make sure we get big and small stains out. We can find even the slightest sources of odor or harmful stains that cannot be detected with the human eye. We love our furry friends and we strive to provide a safe, clean living environment for you and your family!

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Pet Dirt Removal

Reduce Health Risks

At Dial Carpet Cleaning, we understand that pet mishaps happen– big or small! But it’s also important to know that there are various dangers that come with unattended or untreated pet stains in our home’s flooring. From mild to severe respiratory problems and excessive bacteria growth, protect your family’s health and safety with our professional pet stain and odor removal services today! Especially if your family members are prone to allergies, seeking out professional pet removal services is crucial to every household.

Did you know that pet urine, vomit, and feces in our carpets can bring major health issues to your household? Not only can it cause permanent damage to your home and carpets, but it can cause excessive mold and mildew growth, powerful odors that won’t seem to go away, allergies, and more. Animal urine is heavily concentrated with a form of ammonia and constant exposure to these types of fumes can provoke asthma, pneumonia and even suffocation, especially for highly sensitive or allergic family members who are prone to eye and skin irritations.

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Pet Smell Removal

Safe Heavy-Duty Extractions

Let our cleaning experts at Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas come to the rescue! We provide the best possible solutions to properly extract pet stains and odors. Let us do the heavy lifting so you, your family, and your furry friends can enjoy your home better. By using the safest and heavy-duty extraction cleaning methods, you can guarantee that your carpets will be looking the best it has ever been.

Furthermore, it should never cost a fortune for high-quality professional carpet cleaning services! That’s why at Dial Carpet Cleaning, we offer year-round promotions and coupons for you to use with us! Not only do we bring beautiful and safe floors to your home, but we bring huge savings in your wallet! Call us today for a free quote and we’ll get your floors looking spectacular in no time.

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