Upholstery Cleaning

At Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas, we are proud to specialize in professional upholstery cleaning. From furniture pieces to other fabrics in our home, they can easily accumulate harmful dirt and contaminants that can lead to pesky stains and unpleasant odors that can take a toll on how we live. Our highly trained cleaning technicians are properly certified and trained to bring the brightest and sterilized cleanse to your fabrics no matter the damage. Using the proper tools, techniques, and cleaning agents, our ability to renew any type of upholstery that needs a sparkling clean is unmatched. In addition, we offer additional special treatment options for the ultimate upholstery clean experience.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

From deep cleaning, deodorizing, and using Scotch Guard Protection, consider your upholstery taken care of with Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas. Unlike other cleaning businesses, we personalize our upholstery services to cater to your exact needs on your specific type of fabrics. Our technicians fully inspect and handle your upholstery with the greatest, quality care you can’t find anywhere else. The upholstery that we own in our homes is an investment and sometimes even, valuable, that’s why we strive to enhance its life and beauty to the best we can! Contact us today for a free quote and how we can help clean and restore your specific type of upholstery to its fullest.

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Upholstery Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning

Allergens, bodily fluids, stains, unwanted odors, and even bed-bugs can be a huge issue that our mattresses can face without proper care and maintenance. Leave your mattress cleaning to the experts at Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas. We make the mattress cleaning simple and affordable. It is our goal to provide a safe, sterile bed for you to sleep and rest easy on. Especially if your family members are prone to allergies (eczema, headaches, sinus pain, etc.), deep cleaning on your mattress can make a huge difference. With our industry-grade steam cleaners and cleaning agents, we eliminate everything that doesn’t belong in your mattress. This includes dust mites, stains, and unwanted odors.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial upholstery cannot be any simple or affordable with Dial Carpet Cleaning. By using modern steam cleaning methods and industry-grade cleaning agents, we guarantee the deepest clean for all your business furniture including office chairs, cubicles, and other furniture fabrics that needs a professional clean. According to your businesses cleaning needs, we personalize our upholstery services to better serve the type of materials you have. As upholstery cleaning experts, we strive to maintain the quality and shape of your upholstery while extracting all unwanted dirt and contaminants. Make your business stand out with Dial Carpet Cleaning’s commercial upholstery services in Las Vegas!

Dial Carpet Cleaning - Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning upholstery, there is no job too big or too small for Dial Carpet Cleaning of Las Vegas! From the small local businesses to massive corporate offices, we are Las Vegas’ best professional upholstery cleaners. We offer the best possible solutions to keep your upholstery and furniture clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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