8 Places in Your Home that You Always Forget to Clean

8 Places in Your Home That You Always Forget to Clean

To some, cleaning does not sound like the most exciting thing to do. However, once it’s done it can feel so good knowing the home is dirt free and ready for the family. Some of us might already have a routine when it comes to cleaning and if you do, more power to you. If you’d like to create one, make sure to incorporate these places in the home before flying through that cleaning checklist. You might be surprised by some of the places in the home that we neglect to clean.

Don’t Forget to Clean these 8 Areas

1. Washing Machine

This one might seem silly since we put detergents and bleach inside. However, if you’ve noticed that your clothes have lost that fresh scent than it might be time to clean your washing machine. Try mixing white vinegar with baking soda into your machine and get it running on hot.

2. Carpets

These are a favorite amongst many home owners. It provides a comfortable touch to the different spaces in the home. Unless maintained properly, carpet is notorious for hiding dirt. Did you know that all carpets should be cleaned a minimum of every 12 to 18 months? If you suffer with bad allergies, getting your carpets professionally cleaned might solve this problem.

3. Door frames

Dust can collect in those tough to reach places. The door frame is one of those places you must keep an eye on. Use a soft cloth to wipe the door frame down or even invest in a feather duster.

4. Trash cans

It is important to wipe the inside of your trash can down between uses. They can start to develop bad odors and even when your trash has items such as paper or plastic, it can fill the space with bad smells.

5. Baseboards

After you’ve decided to clean those door frames, start cleaning the baseboards. The baseboards in the home collect dust and dirt from people all the way to pets. Use a damp cloth or even your vacuum to clean them up.

6. Light switches and door knobs

We use the lights and door knobs every day, even multiple times in a day. Make sure to wipe all knobs, switches, and handles down on a regular basis to keep germs out. Bathroom door knobs should especially be cleaned to eliminate germs and bacteria.

7. Remotes

This is definitely an overlooked cleaning item. Just like we all touch door handles and switches, the remote is right on up there. After using the remote, remember to wipe it down with an anti bacterial wipe to keep any germs from spreading.

8. Toothbrush holder

When cleaning your bathroom, do yourself a favor and spend an extra minute disinfecting your toothbrush holder. Use soap and a cloth every time to ensure germs do not spread.