How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Spring

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Spring

The spring season can be an amazing time– warm weather, beautiful greenery, and the sun shines longer! But with spring flowers, comes allergies that most people have to deal with around this time of year. Though we cannot control the air outside, we can definitely change the air quality that’s inside our homes. If you’re allergy prone or looking for easy ways breathe better indoors, follow these five steps to achieving healthy air quality in your home.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

1. Deep clean your carpet

If you think vacuuming does the trick, think again! Our carpets can hold dust, dirt, bacteria, and dander that our vacuums cannot pick up alone. Investing in a professional deep clean for your floor this spring season can definitely make a huge difference. Not only will your carpets look amazing, but they will be clean for your family to enjoy.

2. Change out your air filters

Depending on the foot traffic, pets, and allergy-prone individuals in your home, you should be regularly changing out your air filters. If your home doesn’t have pets, change them out every 90 days and if you do have furry friends running around, change them every month or every couple weeks. The air quality in your home depends a lot on how clean your air filters are and can even affect our respiratory health.

3. Let the fresh air in

With beautiful weather here to stay, open up those windows and let the fresh air in! Moving air helps contaminants and dust flow outside, so let the fresh air flow in once in a while. Plus, this helps unwanted odors to see themselves out!

4. Stick to cleanliness habits

If you want the air in your home to be clean, you need to think clean! You can minimize excess dirt and bacteria from getting into your home by instilling cleanliness habits with your family members. Make it a habit to remove shoes before entering your home or keep a door mat at entrance ways to scrape debris from the bottom off shoes.

5. Detox your home

Give spring cleaning a meaning by detoxing your home this spring season. If you take the time to clean out your home, the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll feel. You can even do weekly cleaning routines to always keep your home maintained and sanitized.