Carpet Cleaning Reno, Nevada

Dial Carpet Cleaning is proud to announce that we are expanding beyond the Las Vegas Valley and now serving the city of Reno! If your home or business is located in Washoe County and is in need of professional carpet cleaning, we are here to offer the highest-quality cleaning service tailored to your needs. From carpet cleaning and tile washing to everything in between, our certified carpet technicians are the best in the game when it comes to industry experience and 5-star customer service. Using prime cleaning agents, solutions, and equipment, we strive to keep your floors and space a clean, healthy environment for your loved ones to enjoy.

Residential Cleaning

If your Reno home or rental property (condominium, townhome, apartment, etc.) is in need of professional carpet cleaning, Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno is just a call away! With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of carpet cleaning professionals provides top-notch service customized exactly to your carpet cleaning needs. It can be easy to overlook our carpets in our homes. Although they may “look” clean, you would be surprised at what hides deep within that the traditional vacuum cannot pick up. At Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno, we use industry-grade equipment and cleaning solutions that get bacteria, dust, and grime build-up thoroughly eliminated. We also understand that not every home and floor is the same. Our carpet technicians will best serve you according to your carpet type, areas, specific concerns, and more. You will definitely see and feel a difference in your residential home with our carpet cleaning services. We look forward to serving your home and providing your family with healthy, spotless floors you absolutely deserve.

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Commercial Cleaning

Here at Dial Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to serve superior carpet cleaning to all Reno business and commercial locations. Whether your corporate space or locally-owned business is in need of a deep and efficiently clean, we offer the best of what we do– professional carpet cleaning you can’t get anywhere else. Getting your commercial business professionally cleaned offers numerous benefits to your business. From your employees and customers health to maintaining a professional clean look, our carpet cleaning services strive to bring a positive and healthy workspace no matter what your business’ goals. Our carpet cleaning experts have over 10 years of industry experience in carpets, area rugs, and even business upholstery. When it comes to our premier carpet cleaning services in Reno, our mission to extend the life of your office’s floors and furniture while you focus on what your business does best. At Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno, we give you the best value to help your business flourish from the inside out. From our business to yours, we look forward to making a difference in your office space!

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno loves every furry friend! But we also understand that accidents and mishaps happen all the time– and that’s where we come in. Did you know that there are many harmful consequences when it comes to unattended pet urine, vomit, and feces in our carpet? We are aware that most people are unknowing and hesitant when it comes to pet stains and odors, so let Dial Carpet Cleaning take the stress of your back and deal with this concern for you! We prioritize health and indoor air quality in every household, which is why we use professional grade equipment and cleaning agents to get the messes and odors out immediately! When you hire us for your pet stains and odor removal, you are increasing the life of your carpet and giving your family including your pets a healthy, safe living space to enjoy.

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We go Beyond Carpet Cleaning

Unlike other Reno carpet cleaning services, we go beyond just carpet cleaning. At Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno, we also specialize in tile and grout, upholstery, and professional area rug cleaning. We understand that our floors aren’t the only material contracting unwanted dust, bacteria, and dirt. There are many other common materials in our home or office space getting just as much soil and we don’t even realize it. Our team of cleaning experts uses modern cleaning methods and technology to get an effective deep clean that can absolutely make a difference. Be sure to call our customer service team today for a free quote or if you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to answer them for you! From all of us at Dial Carpet Cleaning of Reno, we look forward to making your home or business look spectacular!

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